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Youth Service Project
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This page is dedicated to youth service project ideas. A contributor started us off with the five ideas listed here. More ideas, collected from visitors like you, follow the submission form below. To share your own youth service project ideas or experiences, you can jump directly to the submission form. Dying to see the other ideas? Jump directly to the list of submitted youth service project ideas -- but be sure to come back and read Lanette's list -- her ideas are not to be missed.

Lanette, a Youth on Missions Teacher from Bismarck, MO sent this list of service projects that she did with her Junior and Senior High kids. She writes,

This group of kids had a lot of privileges, and when I took over that class, we did a LOT of service projects, not just activities. I know the kids learned service under my lead- it wasn't all about activities just to have fun- but activities with a purpose. Hope you can use some of these ideas! God Bless! Lanette

Boy, can we ever! Thank you so very much, Lanette.

Lanette's List of Service Project Ideas

  • At Thanksgiving time we would separate into 2 teams - THE PILGRIMS and THE INDIANS - and go on food drives to the members of our church as well as friends and family. Each team was given a list of food we'd like to collect for our food baskets. The fun twist was that each food item was given a POINT COUNT that they didn't know about until we returned. The Indians got 10 points for each can of corn, but the Pilgrims got 10 points for peas, but lost 10 points for the corn. That part just made it a lot of fun when counting and tallying the day's haul. We made over 12 different and complete food baskets that year.
  • We also made UGLY QUILTS. I saw an article in Woman's Day about a homeless shelter in Boston that used UGLY QUILTS to pass out to the street people. They were made of sturdy denim and/or old blankets and were like a giant pillow case that the homeless person could roll up and take with him. The kids had a contest on who could make/bring the most quilt blocks. They were cut from old denim jeans, old blankets, old sweatshirts - anything sturdy. Then we had about 8 sewing machines going (funny, the guys were the ones that really wanted to do the sewing on this project), and we sewed the blocks together until we had made 8 huge quilt tops. The pride on the kids faces the night we opened up ALL of those quilt tops in front of the church before we shipped them off was unbelievable. They may have been called UGLY quilts, but I saw nothing but joy and beauty in front of me.
  • We did the standard FREE CAR WASHES - refusing all tips and telling the folks to donate it to their church offering basket or earmark it for a missionary.
  • We also raked leaves in the fall of those in need - not those in our church - but those in need in our town. Again- refusing all tips.
  • Adopting a family at Christmas and sneaking gifts to their door 12 days in a row was another great giving adventure.

These five ideas are only the beginning. There are so many opportunities for our youth to demonstrate their commitment to faith through service, both within the Church and in the community at large, that it would be imposible for any one person to list them all. But together, we might just manage. Please share your ideas by using the form below.

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