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Would you like to become a Sunday-School-Ideas-for-New-Teachers.com team member? Or maybe you just want to contribute a Children's Ministry related article, skit, play, coloring page, worksheet, or craft pattern you've created or plan to create? If so, we'd love to hear from you.

Ten Reasons to Publish on Sunday-School-Ideas-for-New-Teachers.com

  1. You don't have to setup or pay for or manage your own website. Just send us your work in any common format and we'll publish it for you.
  2. Sunday-School-Ideas-for-New-Teachers.com puts your work in front of thousands of potential readers who visit our website regularly.
  3. We'll increase your exposure online, by posting your work on reputable article directories, when appropriate.
  4. Granted you license your work to us for use on this site, and other possible related initiatives started by this site (e.g., a book), you are free to define the type of license that you like, be it traditional copyright in which you reserve all rights (default) or an open license such as Creative Commons.
  5. You don't have to go crazy trying to layout your work in HTML, manipulate file formats, etc. we take care of formatting your work for you.
  6. Every submission can have a short biography, a link to your site or blog and even a photo. Each submission will be published under your own name or nickname (if you prefer).
  7. Team members (recurring contributors) get an entire page, at your option, where you can post a longer bio, one or several photos, links to your site or blog, and other information about you and your business or mission.
  8. If you are a freelancer, you can demonstrate your writing abilities to potential clients by linking from your sales materials or in emails.
  9. Perks! (Well, it could happen.) I've had a publisher contact me to review of forthcoming book on the website. In the future Team Members would be first in line to review products and would receive any review copy provided by the publisher.
  10. You are helping to build a resource providing ideas and inspiration to people who share your mission for Children's and Youth Teaching Ministry.

What are we looking for?

We seek well prepared, original, work encouraging and supporting Children's or Youth Ministry (before publishing, we'll check to ensure that it's not already under copyrighted). Articles and other written work can range from a few hundred words, up to a few thousand. Worksheets, coloring sheets, puzzle pages, craft patterns, etc., can be in any common graphic or document file format.

Please note that, except for complete lesson plans, contributions are on a volunteer basis, for which there is no pay. Compensation is available for complete lesson plans, which generally exceed 1500 words, and may include handouts, printable activity sheets, craft patterns, and other supplemental materials. Please understand, that while compensation for lesson plans is available, the pay rate is quite low - rather more an honorarium. This policy may change in the future according to the growing popularity of the site.

That's Great! How do I get started?

Contact us through the form below, outlining the type of material that you intend to submit, and whether you'd like to become a team member (recurring contributor with at least one submission per month) or an occasional guest contributor.

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