Write A Diary or Blog

by Rebecca

Write a diary or blog (image of hand with pencil preparing to write on pad.)

This idea is suitable for children who are confident writers. They probably need to be at least 9 or 10 years old.

You will need writing paper and pencils or pens.

When you start the lesson, read the passage from the Bible to the children. Ask if they have any questions about the passage. When you are sure that they have understood the passage, explain that you are going to ask them to write a diary or blog entry for one of the characters. The children can do this individually or in pairs. They have to think about what that character did, saw and heard how they felt during the events described in the passage.

If the passage covers a lot of events, ask all of the children to write from the point of view of the same character. In this case, each child or pair of children writes about a different part of the story. If the passage only covers one or two events, ask each child or pair to write a diary entry for a different character.

When the children have finished writing, let them to read out their diary or blog entries. Ask the class how the piece fits into the Bible passage as a whole. At the end of the lesson, Re-read the Bible passage and comment on how the diary entries fit into the story. If you have time, mount them on the wall, so that the children can read them again in the coming weeks.

This idea would be particularly suitable for a Bible passage that describes a journey. Imagine that Mary had kept a diary during the Flight into Egypt. How was her journey? Was it tiring? What did she see on the way? How did she feel? Was she worried about her son's safety? Was she sad at leaving her home? Is she relieved when she reaches safety?

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