Where your treasure is -

by Joyce Abele
(Berne, NY, USA)

Find the verse in the Bible.

Read the bible verse aloud - talk about what kind of treasures Jesus must mean - ie: memories of loved ones, feelings of closeness to God, (and how these can be achieved - for instance, performing acts of kindness of selflessness)

Hand out tiny wooden "treasure chests" for children to paint and personalize. (these can be purchased cheaply at fabric and craft stores)

Have prepared Pre-cut index cards into pieces that will fit into the treasure boxes.

Pass out pre-cut index card pieces, children write out what their "heavenly treasures" would be - and put them inside the boxes.

Talk afterward about how they can keep their treasure boxes and open them to read what they've written when they feel like they are falling into a habit of wanting too much "earthly treasure" - when would this be? Come up with some examples - ie: shopping at the mall, seeing things they want, wishing for recognition, like having a great position on their sports team, or winning a game or championship, or winning the spelling bee, or being popular.

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Nov 01, 2015
Where your treasure is - NEW
by: Anonymous

Bible is an holy book and it is very respected book in all over the world among those people who believe in Allah.. There are some discussions by online assignment help on some verses of Bible which are very important and informative that’s why we should read it with great care and share it with others also.

Oct 16, 2008
by: Pauli


Thank you for sharing this wonderful activity and lesson outline.

I think more than a few teachers will be trying this one out this year.


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