What's that word?

This game is very fun and competitive, very good for all age groups. Also a very good communication exercise.

This game is kind of like telephone but with no talking. It works well with a big group.

The group is split into two equal teams, it could be more than two depending on the size group you have.

Have them line up in a single file line (one behind the other), no one is to talk or whisper during this game, just looking forward.

The leader will think of a word and tell the person at the end of each line. The person at the end of the line starts the game by writing the word on the back of the person in front of them using their finger. The person in front can nod their head to acknowledge they know the word.

The word will eventually (hopefully lol) move to front of the line. The person in front waits until everyone is done then they say the word they got.

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