Volunteers for teaching Sunday School

by Leslie
(Florida, USA)

I am the Minister of Christian Education and Youth at a local Episcopal church in Florida. I am concerned about the lack of volunteers within our congregation. I am rather new to this position so I am open to any suggestions you might have. I have toyed with the idea of some sort of mandatory time for all people who have children in youth group or Sunday School but I am not sure of that will drive people away. Any thoughts.

Thank you in advance for your suggestions.

God's peace,

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Volunteers for teaching Sunday School NEW
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Not at all like what the other individual is posting, most volunteer situations are not shams. The reason you are paying these charges is on account of you don't have the foggiest idea about the nearby culture, the neighborhood dialect, the nearby associations, the lodging, security, or wellbeing. You are paying for somebody to sort out an excursion for you in which you likewise get the chance to do charitable effort. .So it works much like an excursion - an expanded one- - in which you additionally happen to work. They're fundamentally called volunteer excursions and for somebody who has made a trip to 6 unique nations, take it from me that the expenses are well justified, despite all the trouble.

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Another idea...
by: E.S.

Is to meet with teachers on some regular basis to get feedback on curriculum, students, what needs improving, etc. This is two-fold: it provides them a venue for their input, and it provides you insight into how things are going.

Ideas for sunday school teachers
by: Jennifer

Hi Leslie, I am not sure how old your post is but this may help. I am actually a volunteer SS teacher for our church even though my own children are not in the class I teach. I am ready to quit teaching and can think of ideas that may help to recruit/retain teachers. First is a great orientation to their role/expectations/etc. Second is sample lesson plans or resources to find lessons. Third is frequent follow up on how things are going. Fourth is a reliable list of substitute teachers. Hope this helps. By the way, my husband (who is Jewish) teaches Sunday School to our kids' class at his temple. They have a much smaller congregation but possibly a more successful sunday school program. They pay the teachers a small amount ($50) each month which is certainly not enough to have anyone do it "for the money" but serves to establish a more professional expectation on both sides. Good luck!

by: Anonymous

I have been teaching Sunday School in an Episcopal church for seventeen years and I can agree that finding volunteers is not easy. I think that it has to be a calling because the volunteer who has come to share God's word often expects a receptive audience and the reality is often something quite different. My only advise would be to engage parishners in the process of finding a good quality program to offer children. If people believe in the program and are passionate about it they are more likely to volunteer.

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