Toilet paper icebreaker

This game sounds a little weird but it is so much fun!! It's very simple, too.

Pass out a role of toilet paper or paper towel and tell everyone to take as many pieces as they want, or as little, it doesn't matter.

Once everyone has the number of pieces they want, make sure that they did not rip their pieces apart, the pieces should be attached together in one long role.

Next, call people up individually or ask for volunteers. The kids have to say one thing about themselves and then rip off one piece of their toilet paper or paper towel. they have to continue doing this until they have no more pieces of toilet paper or paper towel left.

This is a fun game because the kids can say whatever they want about themselves!! It usually ends up being very funny, especially when the kids who took a ton of toilet paper or paper towel have to come up with things to say! Enjoy!

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