The Mummy (Guaranteed hit at your event!!!!)

by wendy
(Kanata, Ontario/ Canada)

1. break participants up into two equal groups

2. select 1 person from each group to be the Mummy

3. have each Mummy sand approx 6 - 10 ft apart

4. give each group one roll of toilet paper

5. at the given signal "GO" the first group to completely wrap their Mummy in toilet paper (from head to toe) WINS!!!

note: team work is a must for this one... :)

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Feb 10, 2009
Also good for parties
by: Pauli

We've long played this game -- without it being a competition, ie. no winners or losers -- at our annual Halloween party.

The little kids have a great time wrapping up their parents, and then get a kick out of watching the Mummy break free of their wrappings.

Remember to have trash bags at hand to clean up the paper after your done. It does tend to get a bit messy.

Thanks so much for submitting it, Wendy!

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