The Food Taste Fundraiser

by Rob Hampson
(Durban, South Africa)

The Food Taste Fundraiser is one of my most favourite fundraisers. And if you have kids you can have a lot fun with it.

First of all you will need a theme. A good one would be countries around the world. Or be more precise... African Countries and Dishes!

Then you'll have tables for the different countries. On each table you will have unique dishes and foods that are made from those countries which people can go around and taste.

Then you'll sell tasting tickets/vouchers at the door which people can then exchange to add a taster from one of the dishes to their plates.

The fun for the kid's will come in with the country shows. The kid's should get split up between each country that has a table.

They should then dress in traditional clothing from that country and will of course man each table and help the guests with food (and info on the food if possible).

During the evening each country should have a specific show to demonstrate a tradition or dance of that country.

It's always a load of fun for the kids and they also get to learn about these different countries.

This is definitely a fundraiser that I would suggest to any organization.

For more information on the Food Taste Fundraising go to

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