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Children's Ministry Volunteer Training materials 
I am looking for solid, well-structured, good -info. training materials for my children's ministry workers/volunteers. I can't seem to find a whole lot. …

What can I do to increase my student attendance and keep it growing? I have 12 students but not all of them show on Sundays. My goal is to have 20 …

story about job 
I need an activity on the story of Job. Any ideas?

Volunteers for teaching Sunday School 
I am the Minister of Christian Education and Youth at a local Episcopal church in Florida. I am concerned about the lack of volunteers within our congregation. …

Walk through the New Testament for 4th - 5th Graders 
I am looking for ideas and/or a curriculum that can be used to teach an overview of the NT and key verses/themes of each book to 4th-5th graders. We have …

etiquette for sunday school teachers 
I am training a new teacher for my sunday school class. I was wondering if anyone has a list of guidelines for sunday school teachers or etiquette for …

Sunday School incentives 
I am looking for ideas that will get kids to come to sunday scool on Sundays. We have already tryed the bible bucks program. Any other attendance promotions …

Sunday school party ideas 
I would like some fun ideas for a Sunday School party. This party would be on a Saturday it would last about an 1 1/2. It would be for children ages 6-8. …

Teaching Materials 
Any idea where I can find the best teaching materials for Sunday school children of all ages?

Bring Your Bible To SS 
I need ideas to encourage & reward my teens for bringing their Bibles to Sunday School.

Children's choir needs help! 
I am searching for movements for specific songs. I am having a difficult time finding a resource that provides motions to go with children's church songs. …

How do I get volunteers for a one-service church? 
My Spiritual Center has recently moved into a facility that is large enough to accomodate the congregation in one service. The adults love being a part …

Reference Book for sunday School 
How can I find and get a reference book for my Sunday School class?

Education for Preschool Sunday School Teacher 
I am interested in being a preschool sunday school teacher where do I begin with bible studies for sunday school teaching? I would like a online course …

what can I use for Bible Costumes 
My Name is David James Cox I am in Australia but I do a boy's Club group in my own church and I would like to ask could any one Answer my Question below …

Free SS Teacher Training Materials 
We are teaching in a small Bible college overseas and I would like to give them a set of simple teacher training notes that can be copied without worry …

Old Curriculum-Where can I send it? 
12-5-2008 I have Sunday School curriculum from Concordia Publishing House that is in great shape, has most of everything included, CD's, stickers, teacher …

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