Vital Sunday School Resources for Today's Teacher

When you first think about Sunday School resources, you may imagine craft ideas books and commercial curricula. As you've immersed yourself in your classes and what it means to be a Sunday School teacher, however, you realize that you need more than these useful tools: You need to draw on Sunday School resources that will develop you as a teacher and help you communicate God's truths more powerfully and effectively.

At Sunday School Ideas for New Teachers we've evaluated this need and have come up with all of the Sunday School resources possible to equip and encourage you in your new role. We hope you'll find our Books, Reference, and Professional Development sections especially unique and helpful.

Teaching Tips

Whether you're a born teacher or an absolute novice, honing your instruction and communication skills is vital for the benefit of your Sunday School class. This is definitely a Sunday School resource that you can't do without. Our practical ideas and suggestions about teaching effectively � which cover everything from how to teach craft activities to how to get teenagers to participate in discussions � will make you want to roll up your sleeves and get to work.


Pull up any major online bookstore with your Web browser, and you'll be able to find numerous books geared toward your job and ministry as a Sunday School teacher. But how will you know which to invest in? Can you trust the glowing review on the back of the dust jacket? You'll welcome the Sunday School resource we've put together for you. More than simply furnishing book lists for you, we'll provide you with full book reviews as often as possible. That way you'll not only find the books that you need � such as books about teaching or faith development in children; or books that include children's Bible story activities, crafts and reproducible coloring pages; or recommended Bible commentaries for Sunday School teachers � but you'll also have a second opinion to aid you in your purchase.


This is one of those Sunday School resources that you'll be coming back to time and again as you're stumped by the difficult Bible questions your children may ask, need to find out the dates of the Babylonian captivity or are searching for a map of the Apostle Paul's missionary journeys. In this reference section, we'll direct you to the sources that can supply you with background and Bible study information � anything that will help you, as the Sunday School teacher, understand the lesson more fully. You'll be able to find definitions of church terms, pictures and explanations of religious symbols, sources for maps and photos of the Holy Land that can be used as lesson presentation aids, and much more.

Liturgies and Prayers

How do you decide which prayers or liturgies are appropriate for children? Here we've not only posted prayer and worship orders of services, but also prayers that work well with children in a Sunday School setting. Even if your church is not liturgically based, you may find some of these ideas refreshing.

Technology and Software

Before you shy away from this Sunday School resource, stating emphatically that you are no computer wiz, have a second look. This type of technology talk will make your life as a Sunday School teacher much, much easier. You'll discover information about puzzle creators, worksheet creators, Bible study software, educational software for children, and many more software tools of interest on the market.

Products and Materials

Although your Sunday School venture may start out relatively simply, you may soon find yourself needing specific products and materials. Here you'll find information about everything from puppets to partitions and felt boards to furniture � anything you're considering using in your Sunday School program.

Professional Development

This is one of the unique Sunday School resources that we're most excited about at Sunday School Ideas for New Teachers. In this special section, you'll find orientation about education, training and certification options for Sunday School teachers. We want to help you become the best Sunday School teacher you can be by providing a network of information about certificate programs, master's degree programs, workshops and online study courses.

Bookmark us and come back for additional support as we expand our list of Sunday School resources!

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