Our Sunday School Lessons

Our Goal

The goal of our Sunday School Lessons section is to help you provide the best education to the children in your care. We provide the best and most complete Sunday School Lesson Plans we can.

Please note, however, that lesson plans do not � and should not � stand alone. Lessons should be part of a well considered curriculum. Information about Sunday School curricula, and how to work with lesson plans is included on the site. Please click on the preceding links or consult the section guide in the right-hand column for more information.

Our Lesson Plans

Each lesson has four sections, making it easy to use. Lessons can be adapted to suit your particular circumstances.

Considering how diverse Sunday School classes can be, our objective is to provide you with several alternatives within each lesson � including crafts, prayers or liturgy, and other lesson activities.

Each outline includes:

  • Goals and Objectives
    This section gives you a crystal-clear idea of the lesson's biblical texts and the core message to communicate. Additionally, you'll be able to see at a glance the target ages, calendar compatibility and the estimated time required to present the lesson.
  • Teacher Preparation
    Includes links to Bible texts, commentary and other important background information. Also in this section are suggested activities or crafts from which to choose.
  • Lesson Presentation
    Contains step-by-step instructions to actually conduct the class, from greeting the children and praying with them to asking thoughtful questions, teaching a memory verse and working on a craft or activity together. We also provide a full Sunday School bible lesson, not just a quick sketch or idea.
  • Supplemental Materials
    In this section we provide suggestions and links to related hymns or songs or additional activities which you can use to supplement the Sunday school lesson.

To see the lessons we currently offer, check the left hand column.

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