Sunday School incentives

I am looking for ideas that will get kids to come to sunday scool on Sundays. We have already tryed the bible bucks program. Any other attendance promotions for children would be greatly appreciated.


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Sunday School Incentives NEW
by: Carolyn

Last year we used popsicle sticks, each child signed a stick and the one with the most sticks at the end of the year won a prize. Our theme was "Sticking with Jesus" It worked great. Now I am looking for something for this year.

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Attendance Games
by: Anonymous

You can also have clear jars that each child gets to put a marble into every Sunday. The one that fills the jar up first wins a prize. You can also do popsicle sticks with their names on them. Each Sunday they get a popsicle stick, put their name on it and either glue it to a ribbon on the wall or they can put it in a jar, and whoever gets the most in a certain amount of time wins a prize. You can also let them put in extra for bringing a visitor or learning their memory verse too.

Sunday School Attendance Links
by: Anonymous

I just finished attendance links in my primary sunday school class, and they loved it! Everytime they come they get to add a construction paper link to their chain that is hanging from the ceiling by string or yarn. The person that gets their chain to reach the floor first wins a $5 gift card to McDonalds or any prize really, and you can also let them add links for learning their verse or bringing a friend...they really enjoyed it.

by: BARB

CHECK THIS OUT ON THE BIBLE DETECTIVE: (It shows how to make your own 'Bible Bucks' and 'Bible Detective' activity)

Bible Detective with Bible Bucks

by: Juan, South AFrica

Our winning idea at the moment is: each time you bring your Bible to Sunday School you get a sticker on your name tag. 3 stickers = you get a free Bible Bag (which we sewed up ourselves) next 3 stickers = a bookmark, next 3 stickers = name beads for your Bible bag... and now we need to think of something else! All we have is green Bible bags floating around.. it's tremendous and has increased attendance !!!

Dir Of Christian Education
by: Elizabeth Jones

I think the answer to getting children to come to Sunday school is getting the parents involved in Sunday school. When they stop thinking that Sunday school is just for kids, and begin to see it as a time for all to participate in the study of God's word, they will not only send their kids but be in attendance themselves. When you think about it most kids have to depend on their parents to either make sure they are up and ready for the church bus or van to pick them up or depend on the parents themselves to bring them to church. So maybe if some type of drive or recruitment to adults attendance to Sunday school is done, we'll see increase there as well as the children department. This is meant to be just an opinion to
consider, not that this is the absolute remedy for the problem.

what is the bible bucks program
by: carol

i am also trying to find ways to get kids to come to sunday school on a regular basis....anymore help out there?????????

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