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You're a newly appointed children's Sunday School teacher, and you want to do your best. And yet you've been entrusted with a daunting task: selecting the 1st grade Sunday School curriculum.

As you start jotting down ideas, it's as though the weight of the Church rests on your shoulders. You pray, and you wrack your brains to recall the curricula your Church used when you were a child. Suddenly you think: Internet! Yet, as you scan page after page of Sunday School curriculum suppliers, your heart sinks. Some Web sites offer free lesson plans; others flash bright banners advertising the latest commercial Sunday School curricula. Your head is a maze of buzz words, prices and information about megachurch materials. How will you ever make a choice?

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You could throw your hands up in despair. But let's start with the basics. Soon you'll find that you can sift through Sunday School curriculum information much more easily. Finding the right Sunday School curriculum suppliers and curriculum for your class is possible, even though the information overload may be dizzying.

What Is a Christian Sunday School Curriculum?

A curriculum, whether secular or religious, is a well-defined, extended plan for teaching. It includes an entire set of learning objectives for a time period, such as a quarter or a year, including all of the steps, the readings, teacher guide(s), materials and activities necessary for reaching those goals.

In other words, a Sunday School curriculum is not only a set of lessons and their corresponding lesson plans, designed to cover a scope of biblical and devotional topics in a particular sequence, but also all of the material that goes along with those lessons � games, crafts, activity pages, take-home pages, object lessons and skits, for example.

What About Sunday School Lesson Plans?

Many web sites offer free lesson plans that you can use in your Sunday School class. Keep in mind, however, that lesson plans don't have the backbone of a Sunday School curriculum. You will need to design the big picture of what your church wants to teach throughout the year, and then select and modify lesson plans to reach those objectives. Lesson plans are outlines for individual classes (one lesson for one day), whereas a Sunday School curriculum will take you sequentially through the Old Testament, for example.

The panic may be lifting, however, you still have some important decisions ahead of you. Next step? Check out our other articles listed on the left.

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