by Jonathon Skjoldal
(Mott,ND USA)

Slips is an easy game to learn. You cut paper into various slips of paper, thus the name of the game.

On these slips of paper you list anything, famous people, things and such as that.

After a bowl has been filled with these slips you begin the game.

(teams are a good idea.)

If it is your turn, you reach into the bowl pulling out one slip.

The object of the game is not to read what is written, but to give hints to the other players

The turns are timed and the objective is to have the most slips at the end of the game.

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Colored Egg Slips
by: Gail J

If you're doing this around Easter, give everyone a small plastic egg with slips inside. The winner with the most eggs gets a larger egg filled with candy.

Fun and Different!
by: Pauli (editor)


Nice one! Thanks so much for sharing!


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