sheep and their shepards

by Someone
(Somewhere over the rainbow)

This game is most fun if played with a larger group of teens but definitely gets everyone laughing no matter how many.

Arrange chairs in a circle, I'll say 6 for an example and have 5 people sit in those chairs. The people sitting are the "sheep"

Then have 6 people stand behind each chair, with 5 people standing behind someone seated and one person behind an empty chair. The people standing are the shepherds.

The shepherds must keep their eyes on their "sheep's" head and their hands behind their backs.

The sheep however have their eyes on the shepherd without a sheep. This shepherd will wink or make it obvious to one of the sheep that it wants it to come, the sheep will then try to run and sit in the other chair without being noticed and caught or "two-handed tagged" by it's original owner.

This game gets everyone laughing and essentially removes the social tensions that teens find themselves faced with.

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