Santa's Stocking

by Lynne

A great game for all ages....adults included!

Decide how many groups you want to have. I've done this with 12 people in a group.

Fill a Christmas stocking for each group. Put exactly the same thing in each stocking. Use at least 10 items. It's fun to look around the house and see what you can find doubles of for the stocking. Baste the top of the stocking with thread.

Give each group a lined piece of paper and pencil. Instruct one member in each group to be the secretary. Have the group sit in a circle or around a table. Begin to pass the stocking around with each person feeling the objects in the stocking. Together they try to identify all of the articles, It's also good to have a time limit for this project. When finished, open the stocking and show all of the itmes.

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