People bingo

by H Hardie, a Girls' Brigade Leader

Give everyone a grid of 12 squares (more or less depending on the number of children) and in each square is a statement e.g. has broken a bone, has walked into the wrong toilet, has never been abroad, has a middle name etc.

Then all the children have to find a person that the statement applies to and write the name of that child in the box. Once someone has got them all they shout Bingo and sit down. Once everyone has completed the grid you go through it to see who has done what.

You may also want to include things that only apply to you as leaders to e.g has a child or has their driving license etc

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Great Icebreaker Game!
by: Pauli

I've noticed in my traffic stats that a lot of people are searching for a bingo ice-breaker game. Now, because of your kindness, they'll find it.

Thank you so much for contributing this game!

(editor, site-owner)

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