Making a Picture Together

by Anonymous

This activity is suitable for early-grades (5-9yrs) and older-primary (9-12yrs). It requires glue, scissors, paper and pens, pencils or crayons. It is also helpful if the children have firm surfaces, such as tables, trays or a hard floor, to draw on. Each child will need a small piece of paper and you will need one large pice of paper.

Read the Bible passage to the children and discuss it with them. Make sure that they understand what has happened.

Tell each of the children to draw a different character or object from the Bible passage on their own piece of paper. Let them use colors and patterns as they wish.

When the children have finished drawing, ask them to cut the drawing of the character or object out. If they are young, make sure that they are confident using scissors and will not injure themselves.

Together with the children, glue the individual characters and objects to the large piece of paper to form a large picture. Help them to arrange the individual drawings in a meaningful way.

When the picture is finished, read the Bible passage to the children again. Ask them to point out the characters and objects from the story. Older children may be able to tell the story themselves.

When you have finished the picture, you can display it in the childrens' area of the church or even in the entrance hall. The children and their parents will probably continue to be proud of their work and seeing it displayed for a long time.

The story of Noah and his Ark is very interesting for a lot of children. Read the story to the children and discuss it with them.

Ask one child to draw the Ark, one to draw Noah and his family, another to draw Mount Ararat and one to draw a rainbow. The rest of the children can each draw a pair of animals. When the children have finished drawing, help them to arrange the drawing to make a nice display of the end of the flood.

You could make the picture more interesting by using found objects, such as some cotton wool for clouds and a twig for the olive branch carried by the dove to Noah.

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