Make Pictures Inspired By The Hymn "For All The Saints" By William Walsham How.

by Rebecca

This idea is suitable for children aged over about ten years, teenagers and young adults. You will need copies of the words of the hymn, paper and pencils, crayons or paint.

During the lesson allow all of your pupils to read the whole hymn. When you are sure that they understand what the hymn is about, allocate each pupil one verse. Ask your pupils to make a picture
inspired by the words in 'their' verse. The picture does not have to be figurative, but may be abstract.

Support them in expressing the complex ideas in the hymn visually. Emphasize that different people form different pictures in their mind when hearing the same words. There is no correct picture.

At the end of the lesson, ask each pupil to read the verse that they were given, while they display their artwork to the class. If it is possible, display the pictures together with the verses they represent in your church or Sunday school building.

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