Make Hope Kits

There are lots of people who are homeless, out of work, or have other needs stemming from sudden unexpected events.

Editor's Note: Consult with an organization that is already working with your target population to discuss your plans before you start this. It's best to discover any serious issues with your plan before you've invested everyone's time. If you can partner with that organization to deliver the kits, all the better.

The HOPE KIT idea is this:

Take gallon or larger zip lock bags, or other larger containers that can be closed and fill them depending on the situation.

For instance, if filling them for homeless people choose things like:

  • soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, washclothes, shampoos,
  • first aid items: bandaids, Neosporin (tm),
  • food coupons and coupons for other basic needs items,
  • articles of clothing,
  • things for children like crayons/coloring books and other small toys not requiring batteries,
  • maybe batteries/flashlight, etc.,
  • blankets if cold season, etc.

If unemployed:

  • List of local unemployment agencies and other job placement resources,
  • Food coupons and other item savings vouchers, Inspirational materials to uplift moods,
  • Listing of free educational resources/classes/resources,
  • Things for children not requiring batteries as listed above (small battery-free toys, coloring items, school supplies or coupons for these, educational and other games appropriate for kids)
  • Some reading material for parents/adults for leisure time such as book etc,
  • Enjoyable things for adults relating to leisure such as entertainment vouchers and listing of free and low-cost entertainment resources, etc.

Disaster relief:

  • First-aid items, batteries, flashlights,
  • water and food (nonperishables without need for cooking if possible), etc.
  • Whatever is needed for situation you are working with

I've never tried this idea with youth, but it came to mind as a general idea for a service project.

Other great youth ideas:

  • Helping salavation army: Christmas Bell Ringing,
  • Samaritan's Purse: Operation Christmas Child Shoe boxes

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Aug 22, 2010
Excellent Service Project Idea
by: Pauli (editor)

Thanks to our anonymous contributor for this.

If you've done a project like this with your kids, please tell us about your experiences.

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