Living in the Desert in a Tent

by Persia

Editor's Note: Here's a variation of improvising the story, adapted to preschool age children. Play-acting is an excellent activity for this age group.

I used this activity when I was teaching Sunday School to 2 and 3 year olds and I think it works well with preschoolers 3-5 as well.

Using the book of Genesis, I explain to the children that Abraham was told by God to wander the desert. He lived in tents. This story is easily found in the book of Genesis.

Next the children and I build a "tent" in the classroom using a simple sheet I brought and some chairs. The kids really like to sit under the tent and pretend to be Abraham submitting to the will of God.

This activity works well for describing when the angels came to Abraham and Sarah to tell them they would have a son!

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Aug 22, 2007
Thanks so much
by: Editor

Thank you, Persia, for this excellent tip!

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