Icebreaker with no name

by ...

I don't really know what its called, but a great icebreaker nontheless!

Everybody forms a circle. Anybody can start the 'chain'. To start the chain, the first person hits their shoulder with the opposite hand (i.e., i would hit my right shoulder with my left hand), but not too hard! If his/her left shoulder is hit, the person on the left continues the chain and vice-versa, and can also go in either direction.
There is a catch, though. On the fifth link of the chain, instead of hitting their shoulder, the person must place one arm on top of the other, and the top arm dictates which direction the chain will go. So if my left hand is on top, the chain goes to the right, and vice-versa. If the person hits their shoulder instead, they are out. This is in effect for all multiples of five, like 10, 15, 20, etc.
Another catch: on number 7, the person points to whomever they wish to continue the chain. Again, if the person does not do this, they are out. As with the five rule, this also must be done for 7, 14, 21, 28, 35, etc.

note: this game is best played fast.

to adjust difficulty, you can increase/decrease speed, add new things, etc.

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