Happy Family:

by Barb
(Kirkland Wa)

This game is great for getting to know each other and laughing while doing so.

Everyone gets a slip of paper and passes around a pencil.

Each person comes up with a well known name, (ie Mickey Mouse, Abe Lincoln, Hannah Montana) and writes this on their slip of paper. After folding the paper in half to keep it a secret, they hand it to the designated “reader” (the reader does not play this round).

Once the reader has a slip from each person, they read all the names out loud twice and then put them away. Now the fun begins.

The youngest person gets to go first and they can ask anyone in the circle, “So and so, are you_________?” (ie “Susie, are you Abe Lincoln?”).

If yes, then that person goes and stands behind the questioner and they are now a team and get another turn and they keep on going until they get it wrong.

If the answer is no, then the next person in the circle is the questioner and so on.

Finally it will come down to two teams or “families”.

This is a great way for everyone to get to know the names of all the people in the group and is fun for all ages.

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Wonderful Fun
by: Pauli

Thank you Barb, for this great game!


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