Finding and Using Free Sunday School Curriculum

Consider free Sunday School curriculum when your favorite Sunday School curriculum is simply too expensive for your church.

Before you give in to the woe-is-us, tiny-church syndrome or begin reinventing the wheel, perhaps free Sunday School curriculum will meet your needs. Let's pat free curriculum on the back.

  • Because it's free, your meager budget can be used for other Sunday School requirements.
  • It is easily downloaded and printed. You don't have to fill out order forms, wait until the curriculum arrives and then re-order any missing material.
  • You can find more than one lesson on the same subject or Bible passage, compare them, merge them or use your favorite.
  • Finally, you can find free Sunday School curricula that's denomination-specific.

Downsides to a free Sunday School curriculum? It's wise to keep a few points in mind from the very beginning:

  • Many Web sites offer lesson plans, not Sunday School curriculum. This means that you have to make a comprehensive curriculum plan for the year and find lesson plans that fit. If you don't go to this trouble, you may end up teaching your class an interesting hodge-podge without following a structured sequence that will benefit their lives and cover Scripture adequately. For the difference between Sunday School curriculum and lesson plans, see our related article.
  • If a free Sunday School curriculum is tied to a particular denomination, it will teach that denomination's theology. Before going to the trouble of reading each lesson plan, look up the denomination's basic tenets in a reference handbook. If any foundational truths are different, this is probably not the best free Sunday School curriculum for you.
  • A free Sunday School curriculum may not have dashing artwork or colorful activity books for the children. The audiovisual aspect of your class may suffer.
  • Some sites advertise a free Sunday School curriculum, but you will find that in reality, they are only offering games and puzzle pages that complement a certain Scripture passage. While this teaching aid is helpful, you need to ensure that you have an adequate lesson plan, which would include your class structure, discussion or story.

We've broken the following direcory of free Sunday School Curriculum into two sections, one for denomination-specific offerings, and the second for non-denominational products.


  • The Episcopal Church provides a lectionary based Sunday School curriculum at . Although technically these are lesson plans, since they follow the lectionary, they can almost be defined as a curriculum.
  • For Baptists, the Spanish-English bilingual has a comprehensive collection of children's church lesson plans and some activity aids. Also, if you belong to the Baptist General Conference and your church is two years old or younger, you could qualify for $500 worth of free Sunday School curriculum, including Cooks Sunday School curriculum, through the Harvest Red Carpet Service program
    ( )
  • If you're Seventh Day Adventist, you have free Sunday School curriculum at Sabbath School & Personal Ministries ( ). This curriculum is helpfully divided by ages and further organizes the lessons by quarters, including a leader/teacher guide.
  • ( does not provide free Sunday School curriculum per se but does provide free lesson plans for both Old and New Testaments. Originally written for small classes by a Church of Christ Sunday school teacher. One caveat is that class age is not specified.


  • Fishers of Kids Children's Church ( offers one year (five three-month quarters) of service outlines plus 150 skits and puppet skits. While ages are not specified, the plus is that this free Sunday School curriculum can be adapted to a large or a small church.
  • If you are specifically reaching out to unchurched children, you may find material helpful. For example, on this site you can find a two-year plan of Old Testament lessons, which include helpful teacher information and activities.
  • provides you with a very complete free Sunday School curriculum outline and lessons covering preschool and grade school in English and Spanish. You also have the option of becoming a member to receive further material.
  • At , you'll find children's talks that may prove useful, although, again, this is not Sunday School curriculum per se.

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