Designing Free Sunday School Curriculum

If, after carefully evaluating commercial and free Sunday School curriculum, you still feel that you haven't found the best material for your program, you have another option: create or customize your own free Sunday School curriculum. This is becoming increasingly popular in American churches.

Kari Heide, who currently teaches four-year-olds Sunday School and catechism at an Evangelical Presbyterian church in Kansas , is working with a team to customize a preschool Sunday School curriculum. Finding standard Sunday school nursery curriculum inadequate, they've written their own curriculum for infants, one-year-olds and two-year-olds, hiring an artist to draw their coloring pages and make their own stickers.

"We believe that God can call infants and toddlers to himself, but we can't find anyone else that will write good curriculum for them. We wanted God-centered curriculum for these little ones," Kari said.

How did Kari and company go about actually writing the custom free Sunday School curriculum? Kari said that they mainly taught it week by week and wrote it down, complete with crafts. For infants and toddlers, a veteran teacher put the curriculum, songs and Scripture memory material together after she taught it one year, and schedule changes were made to help the new curriculum flow well.

While hard work has to be invested in creating or customizing free Sunday School curriculum, especially ensuring that the curriculum is comprehensive, the final product is closer to the church's heart and mission. It is "what is on our heart and exactly what we want to tell them about God," Kari said.

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