Fill in the Blank All Saints Day worksheet

by Elizabeth McCarthy

Name: ____________________________________

All Saints day follows Halloween Night. Although we often think of Halloween as the main holiday, it was really the other way around!

Halloween means "All Holy's Eve" . The day before All Saints day can be compared to Christmas Eve, a day to prepare for the main event! While everybody loves candy and the fun of "trick or treat night", Halloween is really a way to mark one of the holiest days of the Church year! All Saints day is on November 1st each year, and is a day to celebrate all the saints in heaven, especially the unknown people who have entered into heaven. This is a wonderful day as the Church remembers all the saints; not just the famous saints whom usually have a day during the Church year that recalls their holy life.

Imagine Veteran's Day (another November holiday), a day to remember all the brave people who served in our military, especially those who served during war time. This is like All Saints Day as we celebrate all the saints! The day following All Saints day, the Church remembers the souls in purgatory, waiting to enter heaven. This celebration follows on November 2nd. and is called All Souls Day.

So the next time you think of spooky Halloween also think of the day it marks, the joy of those who lived a good and holy life and entered into the happiness of heaven!

Directions: Fill in the blanks. Reread to find the answers.

1. Halloween marks a Catholic feast day called______________________________.

2. All Saints' Day celebrates all the unknown saints in heaven and is always on _______________, the day after Halloween (Oct 31st).

3. November 2nd is another special day in the Church that celebrates those who are in purgatory, the waiting place for getting into heaven, as is called

4. All Souls' Day is like another holiday in November that remembers the people who served in our military, especially during wartime and is called

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Oct 22, 2009
Fabulous Contribution!!!
by: Pauli (editor)


Thank you so much for sharing this worksheet. It's clear that you spent a great deal of time preparing this well thought out explanation and questions.

I'm sure it will help many many CE teachers over the years.

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