etiquette for sunday school teachers

I am training a new teacher for my sunday school class. I was wondering if anyone has a list of guidelines for sunday school teachers or etiquette for sunday school teachers?

I'm trying to make her aware of things that are important to children. Like respect.

This list would come better from someone she doesn't know. ( I know that sounds funny, she gets offended very easy if I say anything. )

Is there anyone out there that can help me out. Thank you for all your help.

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Children's saftey NEW
by: Anita Hisler

Make sure when class time is over that all children are released to an adult and not running around all over the place or outside of the building. The children's safety is a great concern.

Wonderful Answer
by: Pauli

Thanks so much for that Rene'!

editor, Sunday School Ideas for New Teachers

Reply to Sunday School Teacher etiquette
by: Rene' Tucker

After teaching elementary grades for approx. 20 years, here are some of my top recommendations for new teachers or anyone needing a reminder:

1-arrive before class is to start (1/2 hr early is ideal, 15 minutes early is minimum) to allow for any last minute discussion with the other teacher(s), get any last minute forgotten copies or supplies, or most importantly, to be in the room for children arriving early;

2-if you have young children, try to have them occupied (elsewhere if possible, hopefully with a friend or spouse) so that they do not interrupt your focus on preparing to teach or for you to have to stop and take them to their classes;

3-have the classroom completely ready before the day you are teaching (Sun or Wed); this allows you to relax and be ready to focus on the children the moment they arrive;

4-do not, do not, do not chat with other teachers in your room about non-lesson or personal things, especially if children are in the room. Have something for early arriving children to do, and focus on them;

5-greet children at the door with a smile, happy attitude and talk to them -- try to avoid long chatting with parents (that can be done on the phone during the week or another time besides classtime);

6-spend time preparing for your lesson all week long and praying for the children's lives, the lesson and application, your teaching and the other teachers, your church, etc.

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