Draw A Shepherd

by Rebecca

This idea is suitable for anyone aged over about five years. It is also suitable for groups of mixed ages. You will need as many pieces of paper as participants and pencils or crayons.

The aim of the game is to draw a shepherd, one stage at a time. Give everyone a piece of paper and ask them to draw the shepherd's hat. When they have done this, ask them to fold the paper down so that you can only see the bottom edge of his hat.

Ask each participant to pass their piece of paper to the person on their left. The next person draws the shepherd's face, down to the neck and folds and passes their piece of paper on again.

The next person draws down to the shepherds waist.

The next person draws down to the ankles.

The next person draws the feet and the final person chooses a name for the shepherd.

At the end everyone unfolds the piece of paper they have in their hand.

The results can be quite funny!

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Apr 17, 2012
butt NEW
by: Anonymous


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