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Puzzled Child

It's not always easy to explain important concepts in a way that children will understand. Especially younger children. A reader recently wrote in to ask:

How can I explain to eight year olds in simply terms the definition of the following words:

  • Worship
  • Ministries
  • Fellowship
  • Disciples
  • Evangelism

Thank you for your help!

I asked a few people how they would do it, and then created this page, to share the answers with everyone.


  • Worship is more than just praying. Worship is basically talking to God. You say whatever you want to him and you just talk. Worship is going to church to establish a regular relationship with God. Worship involves going to church, reading the bible, and connecting with god through prayer. Through this you are considered to worship. Bobby, Rochester, NY
  • Worship is when we show God how much we love him! We do this through singing, praying, and reading the Bible. Jenni H. (Olathe, KS)


  • Ministries are ways we serve other people. So, if you take clothing to someone that needs it, that is a ministry. Jenni H. (Olathe, KS)
  • Ministries are groups of people that help the churches in spreading the Word of God. An example would be people that help others understand the Bible, by reading passages or telling stories, or people that pray with others, people that go out of their homes and teach others about God and Heaven, and try to get them to accept God into their hearts and lives and live as God would want them to live, helping others and spreading His word.


  • Fellowship is another word for friendship. We call it fellowship because we're spending that time not only with our friends, but also with God. Jenni H. from Olathe, KS
  • Fellowship is what we have when we get together informally with other members of our church, class, or even with our friends. The part of our meeting with others that makes it fellowship is that we all share the same beliefs. This makes it easier to become good friends with someone because if others believe like you do, you don't have to explain every thing you do. By this, we mean prayer or worship. Different religions pray and worship differently. When we have fellowship with our sunday school members, we know that we all pray the same and worship the same. Fellowship is important to Christians because it keeps us focused on what we should be doing as Christians. Dawn, Louisiana


  • The people who chose to follow Jesus and learn from him all his good works were his disciples.
  • A disciple is a person that believes in Christ and follows his teachings. For example, Christ taught us not to lie, so, to be a disciple of Christ, we should not lie. Jenni H (Olathe, KS)
  • Disciple: the people who listen to Jesus and liked him so much they followed him around and helped him teach other people about god


  • Evangelism is when we teach people about God. When the pastor speaks in church that is evangalism. Jenni H. (Olathe, KS)
  • Evangelism is simple really, as Christians we know that the best thing that can happen to us is to love our Lord Jesus Christ. Now, we know that God is a great thing to have in our lives, but there are a lot of people out there who either haven't heard of him yet, or just don't care--that's where evangelism comes in. As Christians we must try to show other people how great it is to love Jesus. Preachers do it by preaching, but not everybody likes to sit in church for hours at a time listening to something that they don't understand, so its our job to evangelize, to spread the word about this guy Jesus Christ so that everybody will know him and hopefully everybody will love him. Evangelizing is spreading the good word, telling people about God, and it's something that He calls on us to do because He loves everybody on Earth, and He hopes that everybody can someday be in Heaven with him.

Perhaps you have a suggestion, an explanation I might add, if so, please use the contact form and tell me. If you have another term you'd like suggested explanations for, or another age group you'd like similar definitions for, just let me know.

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