Sunday School Ideas Contest Overview


What fun! We're holding a monthly contest to recognize your generous sharing of your wisdom with our fellow Sunday School Teachers and Children's Ministry Volunteers. We're proud to honor those of you who have taken the time to help others with our shared ministry.

Share your experience with fellow teachers.

Share your experience and “lessons learned”, and you could win! Check the list below to see the topics that you can choose from. New topics will be added from time to time, so check back often to see where you can contribute.

Or answer a question, and you could win. Our Visitor’s Questions page has questions submitted by Sunday School teachers just like you. Provide an excellent answer, as a comment to the question, and you could win.

Unclaimed prizes are added to the next month's award, so you might even win $50.00, $75.00 or even $150.00! The prize is payable as an Gift Certificate. What will you use it for?

  • Treat for yourself?
  • Buy supplies for your Ministry?
  • Contribute the gift certificate to your Church?

It's up to you. But whatever you use it for, you can’t win if you don’t share. So check out the list of topics below, contribute your wisdom, and then, …

Watch for your idea to be featured in our newsletter.

You have won if your submission is featured in our monthly newsletter. Subscribe right now, so you can see if you’ve won! If your submission is featured, then …

Claim your prize

Find out if you've won, by reading our newsletter right away. If your contribution is featured, you have 48 hours to click on the claim link in the newsletter and claim your prize.

If the prize is not claimed within the 48 hours from the newsletter’s publication date, then the prize amount rolls over into the next month’s award. Unclaimed prizes will roll from month-to-month until the prize amount reaches a maximum of $150.

What are you waiting for?

Now that you know how it works, check the list below to see the topics that you can choose from. Hey, you never know. ( Click here to read the complete and official contest rules. )

Topic List for Contributions

Answer a Visitor's Question

Professional Development

Lesson Activities

Games and Icebreakers

Win $25.00+

Share your wisdom!

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