Communion of all the Saints Mobile

by Pauli

My fellow teacher, Kim, used this group craft activity to teach the concept of the Communion of All the Saints, during an All Saints Day lesson.

Supplies: one sheet of poster board, coloring pages of saints, blank paper, crayons, glue, staples or tape, a hole puncher, and yarn string or light-weight cord for hanging.

Gather an assorted collection of Saints coloring pages, many of which can be found on the internet, for example: Saint Joan of Arc, Saint David, Saint Francis of Assisi, Saint Margaret, Saint Paul, etc.

Allow the children to each select one and color it in.

Next, hand out sheets of blank paper and ask the children to each draw a picture of them self, keeping their picture about the same size as their coloring page saint.

Next, ask the children to cut out the Saint they colored, and their self portrait.

While they are doing that, you will take a sheet of poster board and section it into three equal strips, cut the long way. Connect the strips, using tape or staples, end to end to create a wide circular band.

Take a hole puncher, and punch holes in the top edge of the circle, equal-distant from each other, so you can tie the cord from side to side, forming a loose X a cross the top of the circle.

Ask the children to glue their picture next to their Saint on the outer edge of the circle.

Hang the circle in the classroom, connecting the cross-point of the string to some high point.

The children will be reminded that they are part of the communion of all the saints whenever they see the mobile during the rest of the year.

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