Christmas guess

by Aoife

You will need:



something to lean on

about 4 players

Step 1: Decide who will draw the picture and who will guess.

Step 2: One person draws a picture. Not letting the others see. They can draw multiples of things such as.. 4 stars, 2 fireplaces, 5 Christmas tree's and so on.

Step 3: Let the other people guess and draw the things that you drew.

Step 4: if the person gets exactly the number of objects or the exact same picture as you, then they are the winner.

They get 5 points if they draw the correct item but not the correct number.

They get 10 points if they guess the right multiple of one thing.

They get 20 points if they get more than two things all correct.

They get 50 points if most of it is correct.

They get 100 points if the drawing is the exact same.

Game by:

Aoife Hawthorne

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Oct 23, 2015
Guessing NEW

Good day! I used such a game with my students during English class. However, they drew the types of paintings: like portraits, self-portraits, caricatures etc. That was real fun!

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