Children's Ministry Volunteer Training materials

I am looking for solid, well-structured, good -info. training materials for my children's ministry workers/volunteers. I can't seem to find a whole lot. I do a retreat each year in August and then we meet 2 other times during the school year for training. I want something good but do not have the time to make it all up myself. There has to be something already out there. Does anyone know?

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Training NEW
by: Anonymous

Children's Ministry Workshop
( is an annual training event, the best we have ever attended (and we've attended a bunch).

Teacher Training
by: Anonymous

Child Evangelism Fellowship offers really great materials to train and equip teachers!

I am looking for this, too!
by: Meg G

For years I have been looking for this, too. Church Volunteer Central use to offer short teaching lessons that volunteer would read, answer a few questions, and then I would get the results. Suddenly have taken this segment away. This would be something that many hundreds of children's pastors and directors would use -- and pay for -- if only there was someone out there who would help create this.

Here are some some free children's ministry training options
by: Pauli

Children Desiring God Training Resources provides excellent training -- available as video or audio, to stream online, or download -- for free.

Ministry to Children (a blog) has an article on lesson development that is an excellent overview on lesson planning, if you need that. And there are some other references on that page, and in the comments, that might also be of interest.

If these options fall short of what you need, write back, through the comments, with more information, and we'll see what we can find.

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