Editor's Note: Interesting -- certainly not the kind of thing you see all over. It's a little unclear how it ends. I suppose everyone still seated at the end of the story is a winner. The choice of gun is not specified. I suggest water-pistols.

Everybody makes a circle and the leader goes in the middle and tells a story.

If the leader mentions one of the participant's names in the story he/she ducks while the people on both his/her sides try to shoot each other. Whoever gets shot, either the participant if he/she did not duck in time, or one of the shooters, goes down to the floor in the middle of the circle while the leader keeps telling the story.

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Oct 23, 2015
Is it a game? NEW

Actually I didn't get the rule. What is the purpose of this game? I'm a new teacher here.

Apr 06, 2010
Not a good idea
by: Anonymous

should we really have students pretending to kill each other?

Mar 25, 2010
A little more detail
by: Anonymous

When the person's name is called the people either side of them shout bang with their hands making a gun shape. if the person whose name was called does not duck then they are out. if they do, then the person who said bang second is out. If somebody in the room who should not have said bang says it, they are out instead.

when there are only 2 people left you have a final. there are 2 ways to decide the winner.

1: each contestant says baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang for as long as they can without taking a breath...the longest is the winner.

2: each faces away from each other and the leader says a fruit or vegetable. If the leader says a fruit then the finalists take a step. If they say a vegetable then the contestants turn around and shout bang...the first one to shout it wins.

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