Balloon Gram Valentines Day Fundraiser

by Cindy W.
(Cobourg, ON)

Our Sunday School is always looking of ways to raise money for fun supplies, parties, prizes... One year Valentine's Day fell on a Sunday so we decided to sell Balloon-o-Grams. The concept was simple, church members bought a balloon for someone, filled out a tag for the string and we would fill the balloons attach the tags and give them out on Sunday morning. We bought heart shaped balloons in pink and red and red ribbon and rented a helium tank.

On the Saturday before we filled, tied and labeled at least 200 balloons. I actually wore away the skin on my finger from tying balloons. It took almost all day. But we left the church with a room full of balloons locked away awaiting delivery on Sunday morning.

Imagine how we felt when we opened the door on Sunday morning and saw the floor covered with have shriveled balloons, looking vaguely pornographic! We had not used treated balloons. This is the mistake you must not make, helium will only last for a few hours in untreated balloons. You must by treated balloons!

We rushed back to the party supply store, bought more balloons (at this point we didn't care if they were treated since we would be giving them out immediately) and rented another tank. Now our profits were gone and we still owed over 200 Balloon-o-grams.

All during Sunday School and all during church we filled, tied, and delivered balloons. All through the service we slipped in and out passing heart shaped balloons all throughout the service. I must say it was very pretty to look in the sanctuary and see the balloons floating above everyone's heads. Fortunately we have a very understanding, easy-going Pastor.

We had them all done by the end of the service, no money left and very sore fingers. But we also had a memory that still keeps us laughing. Whenever we discuss fundraising, someone always suggests selling balloon-o-grams!

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