All Saints Day Lesson Activities

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On All Saints day, lesson activities help us remember the lives and deeds of all saints that are celebrated. This is a day to remember all of the faithful saints and martyrs, who are not honored on other days of the church calender or who may have been forgotten. All Saints day is celebrated on November 1st. This page collects All Saints day lesson and activity ideas to use in your Sunday school.

Draw A Picture Of A Saint

This idea is suitable for school children aged up to about twelve years old. You will need paper and pencils or crayons.

Before the lesson, choose a Saint that represents an idea that would be clear to the children in your Sunday school class. Since it is All Saints day, it may be interesting to choose a Saint that is not often remembered in your community. Find out as much as you can about his or her life and the symbols that represent the Saint.

During the first part of the lesson, tell the children as much as possible of what you have learned about the Saint. If you have found any pictures representing the Saint, show them these too. When you have finished talking about the Saint, ask your pupils to draw a picture of him or her. When they have completed their drawings, ask them to tell you and the rest of the class what they have drawn and why. If it is possible, display the pictures in your church or Sunday school building. Do not forget to label each picture with the name of the pupil who drew it and the name of the Saint it represents.

Some Book Suggestions

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For Children:

Many Saints, Many Ways: Multiple Intelligences Activities for Grades 1 to 6 Explores with children the inspiring lives of many of the greatest saints of the Christian faith, using multiple intelligences.

For Younger Teens:

Holiday and Seasonal Ideas for Ministry with Young Teens (Help Series) A collection of “strategies” designed to help adolescents experience significant times in the liturgical and secular calendars. Includes prayer ideas, service projects, social and learning activities, and outreach.

What All Saints Day Lesson Activities Have You Discovered?

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All Saints Day Lesson Activities

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