by Abby Schue
(Indiana )

Editor's note: This game is sure to be loud, a bit wild, and loads of fun. If you play it, let us know how it goes in the comments.

You designate one person to be the "alien" and one person to be the "weapon". The alien goes and hides the weapon somewhere.

When the alien comes back, the "earthlings" (the participants who aren't the alien or the weapon) have to go and try to find the weapon.

Meanwhile, the alien is chasing them, trying to tag the earthlings. If the alien catches someone, then they go to jail. If the alien tags all of the earthlings, then the alien wins, but earthlings can get other earthlings out of jail by tagging them.

Another way the alien can win is if the earthlings don't find the weapon. If they do find the weapon, then the earthlings are now trying to get the weapon to touch the alien.

The only catch is that at least one of the earthlings have to be touching the weapon when it tags the alien. The hunter becomes the hunted.

The game ends if the weapon tags the alien, or if you run out of time.

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Oct 05, 2011
suggestions for improvement
by: Anonymous

If played with our kids, the Alien will just stand in front of where he hid the Weapon and defend it. Perhaps a leader should hide the Weapon instead.

Nov 16, 2009
Sounds like crazy fun!
by: Pauli (editor)


Thanks so much for sharing this game. Sounds like crazy fun.

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