Afirmations ~ You are special

by Linda Vizcaino-Rivera
(New York, NY)

Being a youth counselor, leader and teacher I realize how it important it is for youth to feel valued, acknowledged and loved. I've used the following project in my youth group and it has motivated all of my youth to share with one another their thoughts; they themselves learn how important they are to the body of the church.

I write down all names of the member of youth group. Each member is to select a name (not there own and preferably not a family member). Each member is handed a blank post card. They are to write words of affirmation to the youth they have written on their piece of paper. All are to bring their cards to the following meeting.

Many times, I have heard youth say ~ "Wow, I didn't know so and so, liked me so much; or that I am so special to that person".

It can be used also as 'Secret Friend' where the youth write notes, give small gifts, etc., to the person they have but without letting them know who they are for a lapse of time that all should follow ~ say for 4 weeks. This has worked for my youth group.

Thanks for the opportunity to provide this idea.

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