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[Ideas] Pentecost and Mother's Day Sunday School Ideas
May 08, 2008


Welcome.  I'm glad you're here! 

I hope we can encourage and support each other in our shared ministry to children.  That is what the website and the newsletter are all about. 

This newsletter was supposed to begin publishing in February. It's late - I apologise for that.  There were many reasons -- the most recent of which has been that my laptop just died a painful death.

I've just replaced it -- with a MacBook! I'm delighted with it, but making the transition from a Windows XP has been slow going. I've had to,

  • learn how to get around a new OS
  • get it configured properly, and
  • get my data, including all my site files, off the backup service and onto my new Mac (not trivial! And I'm still not done.)

all while working full time and caring for two 4th graders and a disabled adult.

OK, here we go!  I have a lot to cover.   If you can't stick around and read the whole thing, I understand.  But please skip to the bottom and read the last section before you go.  I have a question for you there, and it's very important to me that I hear from you.


  • Teaching Helps - Pentecost & Mother's Day
  • Sponsor Message
  • Contest Winners
  • Contributed Questions -- can you help?
  • Website News
  • My Question

Teaching Helps

This Sunday, May 11th, is both Pentecost in the Western Church and Mother's Day in the US. Even though it's Thursday, you might still be able to use some help with this week's lesson plan. I offer the following selected resources.


Craft Activities

Coloring Pages



  • Pentecost Play ( read down the table, it's near the bottom, after Easter )

Mother's Day Teaching Resources

Craft Activities


Sponsored Message

Insurance allows us to provide for our families in the event of death or disability. Having insurance to provide for our family's needs is prudent stewardship (see I Timothy 5:8; II Corinthians 12:14). 

If you are considering insurance, request a quote by clicking one of the following links.  A licensed insurance agent will contact you to discuss your needs. You will receive a free information guide. There is no obligation.

Contest Winners

The featured contribution for March is "Jesus is Alive egg hunt" submitted by Sheila Smith -- Sheila, contact me to claim your prize.

The featured contribution for April is "Advertise your Friend Icebreaker" submitted by Cyril Winston -- Cyril, contact me to claim your prize.

I have decided to suspend the contest. Since it began I have received three contributions in March and one in April. I'll have to come up with a new contest that's more interesting for you. If you have any suggestions, please let me know.

Contributed Questions

The answers page is the place where you can ask questions of your fellow teachers. The process is simple.

  • You submit your question.
  • I review it ( got to keep the spam out! ) and approve it for posting.
  • Your fellow teachers respond in the comments.

Currently we have three questions in need of answers:

"Any idea where I can find the best teaching materials for Sunday school children of all ages?" ( go there)

"I am looking for ideas that will get kids to come to sunday school on Sundays. We have already tried the bible bucks program. Any other attendance promotions for children would be greatly appreciated." ( go there )

"I would like some fun ideas for a Sunday School party. This party would be on a Saturday it would last about an 1 1/2. It would be for children ages 6-8.
We have already had a pizza party.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated." ( go there )

If you have an answer for our posters, please comment directly on the question page.

Website News

I was very pleased and surprised to discover last week that my website had been selected to be featured by my site building and hosting company, SBI. To be considered for inclusion on the 'results' page, a site has to be more successful at getting traffic than 99% of all websites. Wow! It feels great to have my work recognized!

Here's the link, you can see for your self. Results Page Check out the "miscellaneous" section, seventh from the end.

( btw, I love this company and their product. I never would have built this website without them. I could talk about them all day - so do ask me if you'd like to find out more about them. )

Question to You

When I started building this site, I had a vision of providing more than just a collection of ideas and tips for Children's Sunday School teachers.  I wanted to build a resource to support and encourage you in your Ministry.  Most of all, I wanted to create a resource designed to help those teachers who, like me, didn't have formal teacher training, and who are serving in Churches without a professional Children's Ministry Pastor or Director.

I want to make sure this newsletter (and the website) deals with the things that are most important to YOU.

So, tell me... What would help you the most in your Ministry? I'd like to hear any ideas you may have. You might think it's something that only you wonder about or have trouble with, and come to find out a lot of other people do too. That's usually the case, actually. So please, don't be shy.

I can't help you, or get other people to, unless I know what would help you the most. So, please, hit reply and tell me what would help your the most.

Well, that's all. Thanks for sticking with me to the end.

Peace of the Lord be with you,

Pauli Price


PS. Please hit reply and tell me what I can do to help you with your Ministry.

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