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[Ideas] Valentines day lesson and fundraising ideas, lenten preparation and easter resources
February 05, 2011


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February 2011
On the Calendar

Lesson Plans: We are working on putting up lesson plans and other resources for the following Bible stories.

  1. Noah and the Ark
  2. Miracle of the Loaves and Fishes

If you can help with either of these lessons, if you have hints, pointers or ideas to share, just reply to this email and let us know. We can use all the help we can get!

Editor's Note

Pauli Price, Editor Over five years ago, I had a vision of a website that provided the help and resources that I wanted for my ministry. I began with the goal to provide material for Sunday school teachers of Youth and Children in a manner that made them easily found in all of the search engines (Bing, Yahoo and Google). During the years that followed, I had various issues arise that impacted the progress and development of the website. But no matter what obstacle arose, that original vision held on, pushing me to continue.

Three years ago, I added a sign-up form to the website, inviting many of you to join to receive more information and updates. I was floored by the response - over 1,800 of you joined the mailing list. You answered my call and entrusted me with your email address, saying "Yes!" to my offer of keeping you informed as my vision evolved.

Fast forward to February 2011. I have sent you only 1 newsletter prior to this one - in that respect, I have not lived up to my promise, and seek your forgiveness for letting you down. However, I want to re-assure you, I am taking steps to ensure that I will provide you the regular updates you expected in the first place. I understand some of you may not remember signing up, and if you choose to opt out, I understand and no hard feelings whatsoever. If you need to know when you signed up, drop me an email and I can let you know.

I would like to extend a heartfelt invitation for you to return and enjoy our website. I am confident and excited to watch my vision unfold - won't you join me?

In God's Grace

Pauli Price


Saint Valentine's Lesson Ideas

Saint Valentines Day Lesson Ideas Valentine's Day is right around the corner! But who was Saint Valentine? Very little is known about the real St. Valentine, and much of his story is clouded with myth and legend. Briefly told, he was a priest (or bishop) martyred for his Christian faith in Rome under Claudius II. Given the lack of clarity on his life, and the challenges raised when presenting the horrific facts of martyrdom, why not focus your lessons on love. There are so many biblical references of love. For instance, consider:

"A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another; even as I have loved you, that you also love one another." John 13:34 (RSV)

Have your class make a Valentine's card for someone they love, including the verse from your lesson. But instead of your typical card, try this simple pop-up version:

Send them home with their cards and a homework assignment: Do something nice for someone. Maybe even someone they don't always get along with. Ask them to be prepared to share their story next Sunday.

Have you prepared a lesson about St. Valentine, or with a Valentine's Day tie-in? Share it on our St. Valentines Sunday School Lesson Ideas page,, for others to use! It will be there next year and for many years to come, available to help hundreds or even thousands of other Christian teachers searching for a good idea for their St. Valentine's Day lesson!

Valentines Day Fundraising Ideas

Valentines Day Fundraising Ideas Did you know that has a page devoted to sharing ideas for Valentine's Day fundraising? Come find some ideas you can use to raise money for youth missions or other program needs.  There are both ideas that I provided, and suggestions from good folks just like you!

For example:

Drop on by our special Valentine's Day fundraising page,, and share your suggestion, idea or even a cautionary tale for everyone else to use!

Photo of Valentine's Day Sugar Cookies, ideal for a bake sale fundraiser, by Samdogs License: CC 2.0

Lent is Coming. Are you Prepared?

Christ, Teacher Icon with Candles in Cave This is one of those years that Lent comes late - Ash Wednesday falls on March 9th in 2011. Let us take a moment to recall what Lent is - a time of preparation that starts with ashes placed on our foreheads as a symbol of repentance, sorrow, and humility. Lent leads us to, and prepares us for, the most important day in the Church calendar, Easter Sunday.  (Not all traditions observe Lent. The Rev. Ken Collins provides a fascinating lesson in apostolic and post-reformation history of the church with his answer to the question, "Why doesn't my church observe Lent?"

During Lent we are reminded of our baptismal promises and are challenged to renew our faith. We are reminded of the 40 days Jesus spent in the desert, suffering. During Lent US Catholics abstain from meat on Fridays, and fast on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday. Retired Episcopal priest the Rev. Denny Allman, as quoted in the Vicksburg Post, describes it this way, “Lent, to me, has always been a time not of breast beating and sackcloth but of introspection: who am I and how do I improve on who I am? It’s a time to think about what we can do to improve our lives in the service of our Lord. If giving up something helps you to do that, then you should give up something.”

Lent lasts just 40 days, yet there's so much to talk about! We are preparing a series on the website providing helpful resources, ideas and inspiration for your Lenten programming. Follow the site's twitter feed to be notified immediately when they are posted:

Or bookmark this page: and check back often.

Photo of Icon of Christ the Teacher with Candles in a Cave by I. Maksim License: CC 2.0

Easter Program Resources

Before you know it, Easter will be upon us. To get ready for this joyous season, here are a few great resources we located to aid in your Easter program planning:

The Easter Tree: An Easy-to-sing, Easy-to-stage Children's Easter Musical The Easter Tree: An Easy-to-sing, Easy-to-stage Children's Easter Musical Let your children have fun in the glory of the Easter story. This fun sing-along musical can be easily staged for enjoyment by all. A truly simple, 6-person play that makes learning the meaning of Easter a breeze.


Join the Team Teacher Image Journey of Decision: A Way of the Cross (Advent/Christmas) A truly revealing story of the 14 stations of the cross, asking the question "Were you there..?" to 14 different people who might have been at Jesus' side on his journey towards death. The book offer engaging methods for children and teenagers to dramatize presentation of each station in a way that will make you answer "Yes, I was there."

Easter Programs for the Church: Plays, Poems, and Ideas for a Joyful Celebration! (Holiday Program Books) Easter Programs for the Church: Plays, Poems, and Ideas for a Joyful Celebration! (Holiday Program Books) A wonderful assortment of skits, dramas, readings and poetry suitable for teens and adults to use in Easter programs. This can be great for staging new and innovative ways of presenting the Easter story.




NOTE: - The links above are affiliate links to Using these links provides revenue to help support the mission of our website, if you make a purchase.

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