Looking for Sunday School Ideas?

Don't let your Sunday school class overwhelm you - find great ideas to bring interest and fun to your Children's Ministry program.

Teaching Sunday school can be a challenge, especially if you've never done it before. Different age groups require different elements, but above all else, you want your lessons to be meaningful and interesting to the children you're working with - they should love to learn about the Lord regardless of age or prior knowledge.

Sunday school lessons include ideas ranging from songs to sing together to more intricate Bible lessons for older students. Not only do you want to start teaching Sunday school successfully, you want to grow in your own faith and knowledge along with your students. We'll help you find the way.

Sunday School Lesson Ideas

Find great activities to do with a group on Sunday mornings. Look for activities and projects that include a variety of student interests. This will help you grab the attention of all students and also make the lesson more memorable and meaningful as they grow in their relationship with Jesus. Sunday school lesson ideas include:

  • Songs, skits, or games
  • Printable worksheets, activity or coloring pages
  • Craft project
  • Lesson plans or Bible stories
  • Teaching tips and inspiration
  • Ideas for preschool children, primary children and youth groups

Sunday School Resources

After the initial lessons, you'll want to expand your repertoire of Sunday school lessons to include a full range of resources. Having a full curriculum on hand will give you a plan to follow through various levels and seasons as you continue to teach. Finding supplies to compliment your curriculum and individual lessons should be straightforward as well. Our Sunday school resources include:

  • Information about Sunday school curriculums (many available for purchase)
  • Sunday school resources (downloadable and printable)
  • Sources for Sunday school supplies
  • Fund-raising ideas
  • Ideas for outreach and growth

Our site is designed to be a collection point for all those things that you and other Sunday school teachers are looking for. We offer the most help to new Sunday school teachers in order to give them the strength and expertise powerful, experienced teachers already possess. Our site is continually growing and changing as we find new lessons and resources for Sunday school teachers.

Like you, we're always looking for new and exciting ways to reach our students with the goal of creating children who are strong in their faith and secure in the knowledge of Jesus' love for them.

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